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Dog Grooming Courses

Scotgroom dog grooming courses

Scotgroom offers a wide variety of Dog Grooming Courses to suit all interests and abilities, from novices to professional groomers

There's something for every groomer, whether you are based locally, nationally or internationally. You will enjoy learning directly from a grooming expert who has achieved international acclaim, yet has lost none of the enthusiasm for passing on knowledge and skills to beginners and professionals alike. Discover how rewarding dog grooming can be!

Important Information about Dog Grooming Qualifications...

Scotgroom and City and Guilds Dog Grooming

Although at present, you do not have to be qualified to be a dog groomer, there are indications that this may change in the future. However, by holding an industry-recognised qualification (such as those from Scotgroom), you will be reassuring your clients that you have received proper training from a reputable provider and can be relied upon to carry-out the groom with due regard for the health and wellbeing of the dog.
Note: The only qualifications that are industry-recognised are those awarded by City & Guilds.

For information on our full range of Scotgroom Dog Grooming Courses and our City & Guilds Grooming Qualifications, click on the buttons below:

  • C&G Level 2 Certificate For Dog Grooming Assistants

    City and Guilds Dog Grooming Level 2 Certificate

    This qualification is for those wishing to enter the grooming industry as a supervised assistant to a professional dog stylist.

    This exam covers preparation of dogs for grooming and consists of 7 modules with a total of 23 credits. These modules are not required for advancement to the Level 3 Certificate in Introductory Dog Grooming.

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  • C&G Level 3 Certificate in Introductory Dog Grooming

    City and Guilds Dog Grooming Level 3 Certificate

    This two-part course is for those who would like to enter the dog grooming industry as stylists.

    Both parts must be completed successfully for the Level 3 certificate to be awarded.

    Click below for more information.

    • Level 3 Certificate: Part A

      Part A of the certificate consists of some practical assessment work and some written assignment work.

      Topics covered include:
      Carrying-out Styling and Finishing of Dogs;
      Assessment and Planning of Dog Grooming Work;
      Promoting and Maintaining the Health and Wellbeing of Animals;
      Health Checking of a Dog by a Groomer; and Moving Animals Between Locations.

      Part A consists of 5 modules with a total of 20 credits.

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    • Level 3 Certificate: Part B

      Part B consists of two one-hour short-answer written papers taken under exam conditions.

      The papers cover:
      Promoting and Maintaining the Health and Wellbeing of Animals
      Planning and Assessing Dog Grooming Work.

      These exams run in June and November each year and are arranged through the Pet Industry Federation.

      Successful completion of Part A and Part B will result in the Level 3 Certificate being awarded.

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  • C&G Level 3 Diploma for Professional Dog Stylists

    City and Guilds Dog Grooming Level 3 Diploma

    The Level 3 Certificate must be completed before progressing to the Level 3 Diploma. Completion of the Level 3 Diploma results in full qualification as a groomer.

    The Diploma exam consists of: three practical dogs styled under exam conditions in a time not exceeding one hour for each, and a handstripped dog which is completed as a centre-assessed assignment.

    Candidates must provide their own exam dogs, normally sourced from their client base. Dogs must be a good example of the breed, have sufficient coat growth, and be of good temperament. The dogs must be of particular breeds with one selected from each of three lists: 1) a short-legged terrier; 2) a spaniel; and 3) a long-legged terrier OR a miniature schnauzer OR a toy/miniature poodle.

    All three modules do not have to be completed on the same day.

    Around eighteen months' experience in the grooming industry is usually recommended before attempting exams. Dogs are presented for the exam in a pre-prepared condition i.e. bathed and dried and ready for styling. Candidates have three years from the date of first registration to complete both the Level 3 Certificate and the Level 3 Diploma.

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  • C&G Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming

    City and Guilds Dog Grooming Higher Diploma

    This qualification is designed to show further skill and knowledge in dog grooming.

    Candidates must have already completed the Level 3 Diploma. The Higher Diploma consists of: seven practical dogs completed within time limits; and two written exam papers under exam conditions.

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  • Scotgroom Dog Grooming Courses – Click for Full List!

    Scotgroom Dog Grooming

    At Scotgroom, we run a comprehensive range of dog grooming courses tailored to suit everyone, from novices to experienced professional groomers.

    We are currently updating our courses. In the meantime please contact us via email or telephone for further information.

  • More Information on Dog Grooming Courses in the UK

    Pet Industry Federation logo

    The Pet Industry Federation website contains lots of information on dog grooming courses and qualifications in the United Kingdom.

    Please make sure that you pick a training school from their accredited schools list. All schools on this list (including Scotgroom) have tutors who are qualified in Dog Grooming and also hold a teaching certificate.

    There is currently no legislation covering who can set up a dog grooming training school and students are ultimately the ones to suffer. It can be very distressing to have spent a lot of money on a course only to find that your tutor is not even qualified and you have been instructed incorrectly.

    Avoid disappointment and choose to learn your craft with Scotgroom, or another accredited training provider if you're unable to come to us.

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dog grooming classroom work professional dog grooming training courses

We can offer Dog Grooming Courses tailored to the individual, including any of the following:

  • Preparation for City and Guilds/NPTC Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming
  • Preparation for British Dog Groomers Association (BDGA) Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming
  • Preparation of the Show Dog
  • Grooming as a Career
  • Handstripping

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Agnes Murphy professional dog groomer

Your Tutor: Agnes Murphy

Agnes started her grooming career at the London Academy of Grooming with Gill East. She operated successful grooming businesses for many years. During that time, she also completed a two-year vet nursing course at Glasgow Veterinary College.

Scotgroom was started in 1999, and since then, Agnes has trained hundreds of groomers who have gone on to run successful businesses and compete nationally and internationally.

Many groomers return for advice and assistance before sitting their exams, as Agnes was a City and Guilds Examiner for several years.

Agnes has competed internationally and was a GroomTeam Scotland member in 1999 - London, UK; 2001 - Calgary, Canada; 2005 - Montpellier, France; and 2007 - Milan, Italy. Amongst the many grooming awards she has received are the Cardinal Crystal International Groomer of the Year 2004 at Intergroom, New Jersey, USA and International Gold medallist 2005. She has been on the judging team at Eurogroom Prague Best and Dublin. Her free time is spent showing and judging Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodles and various Gundog breeds with great success.

Agnes holds a distinction pass in City and Guilds 7750 (now called the 7750-03 Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming) and the Advanced Grooming Diploma (now called the Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming). She holds the LCGI Licentiateship award in dog grooming, recognising her as a master craftsman in Europe. This is the highest award achievable in dog grooming. She is also a member of the Guild of Master Groomers and the Cardinal Crystal Academy. Other qualifications include units in Training and Development and a Further Education Adult Teaching Certificate.

Agnes's grooming ability is also recognised and featured in two of The Styling Academy's series of dog grooming DVD's. Both are available from Technogroom and show groomers and owners how to groom from start to finish.

The Scottish Terrier Masterclass
The West Highland White Terrier Masterclass

Staff at Scotgroom

Christine: After a successful career with Motorola in their equipment maintenance department, Christine decided to embark on a major career change. In 2003 she started a training course at Scotgroom, but after the second day decided that dog grooming was not for her! Her husband persuaded her to continue with the course and, by the end of it, Agnes made her an offer she couldn't refuse!

Christine's interest in dogs started at a very early age, but her parents were not keen to allow her to have one. After training her rabbit to do a perfect sit/stay/recall and a homemade agility course, her parents gave in and she eventually got her first dog, a Labrador. Several Border Collies followed and her involvement in competition agility, working trials and obedience training grew. Now she has Australian Shepherd Dogs and has added breed showing to her list of interests, with her first Aussie, Armatan Angel Eyes, going Best of Breed at Crufts 2005.

Christine deals with administration and bookings. She holds a Distinction Pass in the City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate.

Please call 01555 770333 if you would like to discuss training dates, or have tuition requirements not covered by the courses listed above.

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