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Dog Grooming Tips from the Experts

home dog grooming tips

Grooming at Home

  • Use a grooming spray when brushing out
  • Get a groomer (not a pet shop) to recommend equipment
  • Book regularly with your groomer
  • Teach your dog to stand on a table or work surface, on a rubber mat.
home dog grooming tips

Choosing a Groomer

  • Check that they are a bona fide business
  • Check they have proper insurance
  • Check with the Pet Care Trust if they are qualified
  • Do they have secure facilities to avoid dogs escaping
  • Are they knowledgeable with regard to your breed
  • Do they offer advice.

Teaching a Puppy to be Groomed

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Visit your groomer for puppy training days
  • Practice brushing and combing awkward areas daily
  • Teach your puppy to have mouth, ears, paws and face handled
  • Reward the puppy at the end of the session – not throughout
dog grooming border collie

Choosing the Correct Equipment

Nearly every dog requires a slicker brush and comb. The slicker is a brush with a rounded head and bent pins.

Grooming spray helps to prevent, not remove tangles and should be used at every grooming session.

grooming older dogs

Dealing with Sick or Old Dogs

It is unreasonable for owners of these dogs to expect them to stand for long periods to be groomed. It is much kinder to clip off, or tidy-up, even if it was a beautiful dog kept in full coat when it was younger. The dog's welfare is now more important that its image. Dogs are not embarrassed by being shaved off.