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Dog Grooming

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We provide a comprehensive range of dog grooming services including:

  • De-matting - A de-matting service can be offered to clients whose animals are of suitable age, condition and temperament, depending on the severity of matting. Please note that causing animals pain and/or suffering during this procedure is in contravention of the new Animal Welfare Bill. De-matting can avoid the total removal of the coat and enables groomers to achieve the style and shape for the breed. This service may incur an extra charge depending on the extra time required for the procedure.
  • Baths - All animals benefit from an occasional bath and, at Scotgroom, groomers are specifically trained in this sphere, with the Health and Safety of animal and groomer a priority. Only top-of-the-range shampoos and conditioners are used throughout the grooming process, and are supplied by our sister company Technogroom. The shampoo is administered by a state-of-the-art shampoo system, which automatically mixes the shampoo and water to the optimum dilution and temperature. Our range of shampoos ensures that we will have the best for your dog's coat.

    Shampoos include:
    Aromatherapy – Calming for excitable dogs. Uplifting to refresh and vitalise
    Oatmeal – For irritated skin
    Hypoallergenic – For sensitive skin
    Insecticidal – Safe, non-organophosphate shampoos to deter 'unwanted visitors'
    Luxury Conditioning – For dry or brittle hair
    Colour Enhancing – Brings out the best of your dog's colour
    Odour Eliminating – For 'rollers'
    Texturising – Keeps wiry or silky coats as they should be

    In addition to our top-of-the-range shampoos, we can also offer specialist services including: odour and fox dirt removal; hot oil therapies; and nail care.
  • dog grooming process
  • Hand Stripping - This is a technique used to thin, style and shape the coats of wire-haired dogs, or silky haired gundogs. It is essential that dogs destined for the show ring are hand stripped, but there are many benefits for pet dogs. Hand stripped dogs retain the correct coat texture (making the coat easier to keep) and coat colour remains stronger and brighter. Hand stripping is a labour-intensive technique not offered by many groomers. Correctly done, it causes no pain to the dog and they often fall asleep during the procedure. Hand stripping can only be performed on coats of the correct texture and which have not previously been clipped. Neutering often changes coat texture and renders hand stripping impossible.
  • Clipping - Removes excess hair from certain areas of a dog's coat to give the required shape and style for the breed, enhancing the breed's desired characteristics. Clipping also provides a pain-free method of removing matted hair to ensure that the dog does not suffer the unnecessary discomfort of having the matted areas combed out.

    Some breeds have the option of several trim types, to allow for matted areas to be clipped out while still retaining some shape and style.
  • dog grooming schnauzer
  • Styling - At Scotgroom, styling is an art. Each dog is considered as an individual and is styled depending on numerous criteria, including the owner's wishes, the condition of the dog and its coat, and the dog's physical shape. Most dogs are given a style representative of their breed, but sometimes we can offer a more 'avant garde' look, especially for mixed breeds.
  • Nails - Nail trimming is included as part of a full groom as we believe that nail care is essential to a dog's wellbeing. Nail services include: cutting; filing; condition treatments; buffing; and glamour polish.
  • Anal glands - Anal glands can be a problem to some animals, because they do not empty properly. Therefore, the secretions build-up causing the animal discomfort. Often owners will complain that their dog has worms as it is scooting across the new carpet in their lounge when, in fact, the dog is trying to alleviate the pressure in the glands. Sometimes the dog will chew their leg instead. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons have requested that groomers do not express anal glands in dogs as this requires diagnosis of a condition. The Veterinary Surgeons Act states that only a vet can diagnose and treat animals. Groomers are not in a position to determine whether glands may be affected by infection, impactation, growths etc and can exacerbate any underlying problem and cause unnecessary suffering by performing expression. Groomers should advise owners to seek veterinary attention if anal gland problems are suspected. Veterinary attention should be sought if this is becoming a regular nuisance and painful to the dog.
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  • Coat and skin examination - Our groomers all have training in recognizing basic parasites and skin problems in dogs, both for the dog's health and the groomer's safety, as some diseases and parasites can be transferred from animals to humans – zoonotic diseases. It is therefore important that a groomer can recognize a potentially harmful situation to groomers and other animals. If, on examination, one of our groomers finds a coat or skin problem, the client will be advised to seek the advice of their own vet for treatment and assessment.
  • Flea treatments - If, during examination of the coat, or at any time during the grooming procedure, one of our groomers finds that your dog has fleas, it will be given an insecticidal bath, as will all other animals on that day. All areas of the grooming salon will be extensively treated to prevent contamination. Our grooming equipment is always disinfected using a tool sanitizer and sterilized using a UV light to ensure double protection from infections for your animal. On your return, we will give you follow-up advice on treatment and control of fleas.
  • Show grooming - This has become a large part of our business with both our own and clients' dogs. The service is also continued into handling some of these dogs in the ring (FOC). Many of our dogs are major winners in the UK and abroad, including our own Miniature and Standard Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Australian Shepherds and American Cockers. In the past, we have shown Irish Setters, English Setters, Curly-coated Retrievers and Beagles. At present, we prepare/show Dandie Dinmont Terriers, Gordon Setters and Bichons for the show ring. We groomed the Ob Ch at Crufts 2007. Some of our grooming students also are well known in the show ring with: Afghan Hounds; Old English Sheepdogs; Lakeland Terriers; West Highland White Terriers; Poodles, Dalmations; Rottweilers; Tibetan Terriers; and Weimaraners.
  • Puppy Grooming Training - At Scotgroom, we believe that puppies should be introduced to a grooming environment as soon as they have finished their course of vaccinations. They can sit in a warm, comfortable, secure area and observe the grooming of other dogs. This gets them used to the sounds of a salon. We then like to stand them on the table and begin to groom them with a gentle brush. The puppies are also taught to have their feet picked up, their head held and their teeth examined. It is very important that the animal is used to having these procedures done, as to trim the feet and face it needs to stay as still as possible to prevent injury.
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  • Accident prevention - Throughout our operation, we place a strong emphasis on animal welfare and groomer safety. Groomers are educated in animal safety as standard and we are very strict in their enforcement. No animals are allowed to run or be in contact with each other at any time, unless from the same home. This prevents cross contamination, or injury through fights. We also use LIPS systems to prevent animals being injured on the grooming tables through falls or slips.